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A Bad Domain Name Can Kill your Online Business Before its Started!

Thursday, February 26, 2009
By admin

No one would willingly buy a bad domain name, but quite a lot of companies and individuals new to the Web are unaware of why some names are worse than others. Many have sadly learned that if you choose poorly your dreams for online business success can be over before they’ve begun. So what is a bad domain name, and how can you avoid getting trapped into buying one.

Long and confusing domain names:

These kind of domain names are not easy to remember, can be easily mis-spelled, and are a pain to communicate over the phone. If your organization name is long and a little confusing, think twice before registering it as the domain because you could very well have a problem on your hands going forwards.

Domain names with punctuations:

It is tough to remember and communicate a domain name with hyphens and other forms of punctuation, not to mention you can’t really make it your logo or brand. Yes, bookmarking and bookmarking sites are all the rage, but people get lazy after a while and stop bookmarking. Chances of correctly typing in a bad domain name like this one purely from memory is less than nil. (I think one hyphen in a name is okay – but any more is a no go area)

Unwittingly funny domain names:, a site actually for Pen Island, or , a site to find a therapist.

You will never live names like these down, so it is worthwhile to give all aspects of a name a good, long thought before registering it.

Domain names with obscure extensions: Extensions other than .com. net, .org usually make bad domain names. The new extensions haven’t had the impact that was hoped. .Mobi is a flop, .Asia is going nowhere and .me didn’t get out of the gate.

Scammed domain names: Much as you would like to think that there is nobody out there to scam you on your domain name, this is actually quite far from the truth.

Doctoring of traffic screenshots and mis-representing revenue earned on the site or resources required to run it are common ways of persuading you not only to buy a domain name, but to buy it at an inflated price. When buying a premium domain name make sure you do your research.

Here are the reasons why bad domain names are bad news for your website:

1) Having a bad domain name is one way of declaring to the world that you missed the bus on your domain name, and could not do any better. Definitely not good for a first impression.

2) Bad domain names mean a lot of business lost due to mistypes and misspellings.

3) A bad domain name is usually not brandable, which means you would have difficulty promoting your website offline.

If you do a lot of research on your business and how it should be portrayed online, think long and hard before registering or purchasing a name. It should tell people what you are all about, but also be easy to remember brandable



  1. by |  February 26, 2009, 11:30 am  

    Nice list James.

    A lot of people make mistakes with their domains. The great thing is that you can switch names as many times as you won’t. It will be tricky though once you get your website established more or less.

    Currently there are like what, 100k domains expiring, daily… More or less? Looking through it.. I get a kick outta it. It never seems to amaze me the types of names people choose for their sites. I just don’t get it.

    Oh well.


  2. by Domain Superstar |  February 26, 2009, 6:52 pm  

    “Unwittingly funny domain names:, a site actually for Pen Island, or , a site to find a therapist.”

    Very true. I also have heard stories of how even Google Analytics has been blocked on certain corporate firewalls because of the letter combination of a n a l in analytics. :)

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