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Be Sensible When Selling Your Domain Names

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
By admin


I’ve been scammed a few times now online. Twice with developers and once with a domain purchase.

All of these occurred because I was a little green around the gills and hadn’t done the right amount of research.

The other thing they all share in common is that they all took place using paypal (who are absolutely useless at resolving disputes.)

Thankfully on two of the occasions my bank managed to get the money back, as they debited it directly from Paypal and left it up to them to retrieve the money.


I have also heard of people who sold names or other virtual assets and then once the other person has what they need they do a chargeback and seeing as it’s a virtual item and  almost “impossible to verify the exchange.” They are likely to get their money back and have your asset.


So if you are buying or selling a name or anything that has a value of over $500 I recommend you use a good Escrow service.

I use and although I know of a few disgruntled users I have never had a problem with them. On the odd occasion there has been a problem with the other party both of us were able to walk away none the worse off.


I’d be interested to hear of any issues you’ve had with Paypal or different Escrow services and who you consider to be the best!



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