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Posted: 04.16.12 (1:26 PM) | Under:Blog

The domain is now for sale at a very competitive price. is one of the most memorable’s out there and this is a superb opportunity to purchase a great name

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Posted: 06.21.11 (12:17 PM) | Under:Blog

If you’re a soccer/football fan you will be aware of the current debate about FIFA and the corruption that seems to be endemic throughout the FIFA organisation. In my opinion when it comes to domain names, ICANN aren’t that far behind. 
I’m relatively new to domain brokering but I’ve been buying and selling domains for almost [...]

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Posted: 06.16.11 (9:27 PM) | Under:Blog

We all know domain thieves abound. Oftentimes they do it via something as simple as a run of the mill keylogger. Other times it’s malicious code sent via email. There are many techniques but the results are the same. Compromised systems mean eventually names will be stolen.
 As a broker I have to do due diligence. [...]

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Posted: 06.9.11 (1:38 PM) | Under:Blog

I read with interest Rick Latona’s recent post which stated more or less that he’s had it with domains and is investing in other areas. His main reasoning was "It is our opinion that the market won’t recover any time soon, if it recovers at all. We feel that domains just aren’t worth that much anymore [...]

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Posted: 05.17.11 (8:49 PM) | Under:Blog

How much are Premium Domain owners leaving on the table? Development is the way to go, especially for certain domains. I’m not talking about - now dead in the water - mini sites but strategically built out sites that offer pertinent and in demand info.
James Stafford (the Namecake owner) has just returned from Washington. His baby is [...]

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Posted: 05.13.11 (11:17 AM) | Under:Blog

Dress it up however you like, Domainers are natural born gamblers. If polls were taken on the typical personality profile of the "average" Domainer I’d say that most would show that a Domainer has a propensity to gamble. Life’s a gamble and that’s fine, unless the house usually wins. It’s a numbers game and if the [...]

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Posted: 05.12.11 (9:15 AM) | Under:Blog

Aside from deals falling through at the last minute, buyers not keeping their word, sellers changing their minds, deals stalling, bidders lowballing etc one of the biggest downsides about brokering high end domains is not being able to disclose them when you finally manage to sell them.
N.D.A’s (Non Disclosure Agreements) prevent a broker making public [...]

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Posted: 05.1.11 (7:22 PM) | Under:Blog

All Domainers are equal but some are much more equal than others. Most domainers will never hit the heights of a Rick Schwartz*, Frank Schilling, Mike Mann et al. Most of us fall into the realms of making $1k - $5k profit on a domain sale if we are lucky.
As a broker I regularly ask potential (and existing) clients [...]

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Posted: 04.28.11 (8:08 AM) | Under:Blog

The World doesn’t owe any of us a living, in fact it doesn’t owe us anything! Anyone with half a brain knows too well that human history is littered with injustices and that the World we live in isn’t fair, the distribution of wealth in this World is grossly unfair, the rich get richer blah blah blah, [...]

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Posted: 04.27.11 (4:06 PM) | Under:Blog

Many domainers consider three letter coms to be the "Gold Standard" of the domain industry. A barometer to measure the overall state of the domain climate, generally speaking.
So how are they fairing lately? Looking at archived sales pages on DNJournal over the last few months they’re not doing too badly at all!  Most of us know of [...]

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Posted: 04.26.11 (5:53 AM) | Under:Blog

We are all selling something, and if we’re not we’re in trouble! If you’re a Car mechanic you’re selling your car repair skills. If a Teacher you’re selling your knowledge and if you’re a Domainer you are selling your domain names (hopefully)
Ever since Mankind started to evolve from the primordial ooze we have traded. [...]

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Posted: 04.21.11 (8:44 PM) | Under:Blog

We Want Your 3 Letter Coms, and 2 Letter Coms Too! While we are at it we want your 3 number coms and your 2 letter nets and 3 letter nets as well!
We are running an UpMarketURLs/Bido featured auction exclusively featuring the previously mentioned domain types.
We love short domains and thankfully so do many many [...]

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Posted: 04.20.11 (7:53 PM) | Under:Blog

We work in a funny old Business. Last week we ran 40 auction losts on Bido. 6 of those 40 sold, not a disaster but not that impressive either. Of the 34 remaining lots we relisted 6. Well the first of that six just closed on Bido and we are extremely happy with the result. [...]

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Posted: 04.19.11 (12:02 PM) | Under:Blog

Although I hail from Ireland originally I live in England. As it happens I have the great fortune to live in the most scenic and underpopulated region of England. I live in the South Lakes of the Lake District National Park and boy am I glad I do.
The weekend just gone I decided to take [...]

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Posted: 04.15.11 (11:24 AM) | Under:Blog

Like so many of you out there I frequent the main domain forums regularly, hmm ok well two! Dnforum and Namepros are by far the best forums out there in terms of knowledge base and most importantly making sales (invariably to other domainers)
I’ve been a member of both for many years, I actually forget exact [...]

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Posted: 04.14.11 (8:29 PM) | Under:Blog

Well the initial auction has closed on Bido. Of the 40 lots, 2 hit reserve in the prebidding stage. Two were sold in the live auction. We also have two "accept high offer" sales to report. The best results were the sales of for $3823 and for $2100.Find results of all 6 sales [...]

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Posted: 04.13.11 (11:07 AM) | Under:Blog

The first of the 40 Auction lots on the UpMarketURLs/Bido Premium Domain Auction ends in just over 5 hours.There are in my opinion some excellent domains, most of which are set to reserves at reseller ranges. A few fall out of the reseller range but are we believe within the lower end of potential end [...]

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Posted: 04.12.11 (4:19 PM) | Under:Blog, Domains

Excuse the tongue in cheek parody. I read with interest Michael Berken’s post and you know what, best of luck to him. Michael not only has one hell of a domain portfolio but he has a consistent track record of high profile sales. From a position of strength Michael has the luxury (hard earned no [...]

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Posted: 04.11.11 (10:16 PM) | Under:Blog

Please note this is a review of the No reserve Cax Promotion, if you have good names that you are good to list with no reserve price/s - in order to generate bidders - then this may be the best option to liquidate some of your portfolio.
Any new initiative in the domain sales aftermarket has to [...]

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Posted: 04.9.11 (2:08 PM) | Under:Blog

Just a quick weekly round up of things that have caught my eye. sold on Bido! for $80 k seemingly. Congrats to buyer and seller and Bido of course! WTG Guys.
Ron Jackson published a very interesting article on you click the link it takes you to a link to an article written by Domain [...]

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Posted: 04.8.11 (1:48 PM) | Under:Blog

After almost 10 years of full time domaining I have to say that this is the best Business to be in. I love working from home. I love being my own boss and best of all I love domain names. Luckily I have no problem getting myself motivated. The rewards of your efforts are incentive [...]

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Posted: 04.7.11 (10:39 AM) | Under:Blog

How does the old saying go? "You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours" Well we have an upcoming Online Domain Auction, in fact it’s very upcoming. In fact  it’s live on saturday, this saturday! and ends Wednesday April 13th 10 pm EST
So far we have been extremely busy advertising this auction
~ Using our Linkedin [...]

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Posted: 04.6.11 (9:55 AM) | Under:Blog

Mention and you get very mixed replies. Well here’s what I think. They have an amazing platform that has enourmous potential. They also have glitches on their system that need addressing but having skyped with management they are working hard at addressing them. The most common complaint Bido receives is the lack of quality [...]

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Posted: 04.5.11 (10:37 AM) | Under:Blog

By nature I’m a lone wolf but I can be a social animal too. Which are you? Domaining is an Industry mostly populated by lone wolves in my opinion. The point I’m making is this, is going it alone as effective as networking with others in this Industry (or in associated Industries)
Over the last few [...]

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Posted: 03.31.11 (7:01 PM) | Under:Blog

 A good few of you reading this will already have brokered domain sales for friends/clients etc. A good few more will be considering getting into brokerage. Well one thing I can say is that if you have desires to broker you will have to work hard, very hard. Brokerage is a tough Business and not [...]

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Posted: 03.30.11 (11:08 PM) | Under:Blog

Something BIG is About to Hit the Domaining World!
~ and there is an excellent Online Premium Domain Auction coming up too!
I know NameCake has been a little quiet over the last two years on the blogging side, but some new blood has been added to the Namecake team. Even more interestingly we will soon be [...]

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Posted: 10.1.10 (8:20 PM) | Under:Blog

Hyphenated domains are getting quite a lot of press these days. Not only are they popular with the search engines, but they cost a fraction of their non hyphenated brethren

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Posted: 08.9.10 (11:21 PM) | Under:Blog

It’s been a while since i last posted - but i thought you may be intersted in seeing a very nice list of unregistered Keyword domains.
There are some superb names on here:

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Posted: 05.7.10 (12:51 AM) | Under:Blog

The domain is now for sale. This is an excellent

Easy to pronounce and remember – perfect for a multitude of topics, from Business to entertainment and gossip.

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Posted: 03.26.10 (7:56 PM) | Under:Blog

One of our latest development projects has been experiencing phenomenal growth and we are now looking for a couple of salespeople to help bring advertisers to the site. is continuing to grow at a very fast pace and the interesting thing is that very little of our traffic comes from Search Engines – the majority comes from referring sites such as Business Insider, Forbes, Zerohedge, Roibini.

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Posted: 02.16.10 (8:13 PM) | Under:Blog

For the last few months I’ve ceased almost all domainer activities to focus on one of my development projects,
The time has been spent building relationships with syndicate partners and writers and also attempting to move the site up the rankings in Google for certain keywords.

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Posted: 02.1.10 (8:43 PM) | Under:Blog

A look at the current worldwide political and Economic climate and 10 strategic predictions covering Oil & Gas, Health, Afghanistan, Asset Values & many others. A great - and still growing - divergence appeared in 2009 between public statements by leaders and their public performance.

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Posted: 01.28.10 (7:25 PM) | Under:Blog

The Most Profound Geopolitical Changes in the 21st Century: We look at 16 Megatrends Affecting Your Family and Your Finances. Along with Energy, Pandemics, Warfare, Democracy and Much more

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Posted: 01.21.10 (4:04 PM) | Under:Blog

Most of us are pretty lazy creatures. We’re content to be spoon fed our news by the major networks and tabloids. Most smart Entrepreneurs and investors know that if they want good actionable information they have to get it before it becomes news from reliable sources that are either on the ground in the relevant area or who have contacts that are aware of the real situation and the developments that are taking place.

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Posted: 01.7.10 (7:22 AM) | Under:Blog

I am looking for Great sounding advertising related domains. They MUST be .Com and be no longer than 2 words.The type of thing I’m after is:,,

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Posted: 01.5.10 (7:28 PM) | Under:Articles, Blog

Well we’ve been out of the domain/blogging business for a while as we have had 2 major projects to work on – one is still in development and the other is now ticking along nicely.
The site is now getting on average 2,500 uniques a day and these numbers are increasing quickly.

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Posted: 09.30.09 (6:17 PM) | Under:Blog

The sale of e.Biz certainly seems to be creating quite a stir. Could this be the shot of adrenalin that the registry needed? But sedo has more, Wet.Biz

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Posted: 09.5.09 (11:05 PM) | Under:Blog

I am selling the following 4 domains for a total price of $300. They are all generics and very brandable: BlogPrince.Com, ComputerWallets.Com

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Posted: 04.20.09 (1:44 PM) | Under:Blog

RXI.Com is currently on auction at This name is superb if you are involved in the Pharmaceuticals or Biotech area as the RX industry is huge. The number of online pharmacies has shot through the roof and this is a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from the field.

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Posted: 04.19.09 (7:37 PM) | Under:Blog

I’m looking for good writers who can research and write an article that is informative and makes sense on various commodities. The person must have the skill to construct the article professionally and argue a certain viewpoint if necessary.

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Posted: 04.16.09 (10:09 PM) | Under:Blog

The Great Domains Auction has just started and there are some pretty nice names there. I’ve got my eye on one and one of mine is in there for sale.

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Posted: 04.2.09 (11:08 AM) | Under:Blog

I’m after a very good writer who can comfortably write about finance, Oil, Gold, and soft commodities. Initially there will be a batch of about 20 articles, but there will be ongoing work once the site is launched.

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Posted: 03.25.09 (12:34 PM) | Under:Blog

I am selling a very rare live recording of Jay Abraham’s elite 5-day Million Dollar European Super Summit, held in London in May 1997. Limited to only 28 companies in attendance, who each paid $25,000. This is probably the most in-depth example of hands-on, “make it happen” business strategy building you’ll ever encounter. This is one of the rarest recordings that Jay has ever issued. The only people ever to gain access to this incredible information were the original attendees, including Sir Clive Woodward

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Posted: 03.25.09 (11:37 AM) | Under:Blog

I’ve been scammed a few times now online. Twice with developers and once with a domain purchase. All of these occurred because I was a little green around the gills and hadn’t done the right amount of research.

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Posted: 03.17.09 (8:49 AM) | Under:Blog

Well domains sure are going for bargain basement prices these days. I just saw Cats.Net finish at Sedo for $7,000, which in my opinion is a fantastic deal for the seller but not so great for the buyer.

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Posted: 03.16.09 (10:45 AM) | Under:Blog

A few years ago, a good domain name wasn’t really worth all that much, a couple of hundred quid would have found you a short, brandable, memorable, gem of a name with quite a bit of development potential. But not any more and there’s a good reason for this as back then the Internet was still finding it’s feet (shortly after the .com bust) Businesses and investors were licking their wounds after the easy riches didn’t

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Posted: 03.11.09 (12:33 PM) | Under:Blog

The market is pretty tough at present and each and every one of us needs as much exposure as possible. So apart from the usual marketplaces it’s essential we think outside the box if we are to generate the sales we need. So lets go through a small list of possible places to sell our names:

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Posted: 03.10.09 (11:11 PM) | Under:Blog

Raw.Biz is now on auction at Sedo.
The bid is currently very low and the chances are you will get this name for a very good price. Please click on the below link if you are interested in finding out how the auction is going.

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Posted: 03.8.09 (6:57 PM) | Under:Blog

I’ve just launched a logo design contest over at digitalpoint. There is still 4 days to run, so if you know anyone who is a designer, a design student or just interested in design please point them the way of this competition. The prize is for $120

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Posted: 03.6.09 (6:52 PM) | Under:Blog

Well it’s about time I cleared some more room in my portfolio as I have a large development project coming up. Some of the names are: Walked.Com, BestDigitalCameras.Com, BasicProgramming.Com + others.

To see our list of Unique and Premium Domain names please Click Here

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