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Posted: 03.4.09 (11:27 AM) | Under:Blog

Domains on a whole, even great ones, are not going to be doing so good in a few months. A massive tidal wave of domains getting ready to drop…..especially alternative TLDs to the .com. It will be phenomenal to watch. The extra supply will lower the purchase prices willing to be paid by other domainers. End user sales on a whole might still do ok….but not good or great…..even for the best domains.

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Posted: 03.2.09 (12:11 PM) | Under:Blog

The cry that comes up very often from the domain community is, “they don’t get it, they don’t understand why my domain is worth xxx.” I myself have said just this and commented that we need to educate businesses and individuals on the benefits of owning a good domain name.

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Posted: 02.26.09 (10:52 AM) | Under:Blog

No one would willingly buy a bad domain name, but quite a lot of companies and individuals new to the Web are unaware of why some names are worse than others. Many have sadly learned that if you choose poorly your dreams for online business success can be over before they’ve begun.

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Posted: 02.16.09 (11:44 AM) | Under:Blog

There was an interesting thread at DNforum some time back where people listed their favourite domain related quotes and I took a note of my favourites. I’ve done this for years and have thousands of quotes collected on a variety of topics, anyway you’ll be pleased to hear I’m not going to witter on in this post but leave it to others to do the talking. Enjoy them.

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Posted: 02.11.09 (10:09 AM) | Under:Blog

I’m cleaning out my portfolio and the following names are all for sale at $30 each. They are all held at GoDaddy and the expiration dates are by the side. As you can see most of them are generic and pretty good names. Sadly I’m having to be ruthless with the portfolio and these names aren’t the direction I want to go in.

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Posted: 02.10.09 (4:52 PM) | Under:Blog

I saw a very interesting interview in Barrons today by Ray Dalio, CIO of Bridgewater Associates, whose Long Term average returns (net of fees) average +15%. Throughout the difficult 2008 their pure Alpha fund returned +8.7%. Basically this is a person who knows what he’s talking about, not a hack from the Daily Mail. I won’t go into all the details here, but just list some of the takaways I picked up.

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Posted: 02.9.09 (11:12 AM) | Under:Blog

Most of us would like to have the .Com to start a web business. But nowadays with prices of good .Coms reaching into the stratosphere sometimes we have to go with our second choice and quite often that comes down to the .Org or .Net. So as a prospective site builder which one of these would you go for?

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Posted: 02.3.09 (12:31 PM) | Under:Blog

I normally get three types of offers from people writing to me on my domains.
The first is from people who ask me to make the first move, “What would you sell x for? Are you considering selling X – what is the price?” I realise that this is a standard negotiating tactic and I will be going into this in a later post. The second is from the chancers who offer a couple of hundred dollars for a very good name. I still reply to them, but nothing normally comes of it.

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Posted: 01.30.09 (2:15 PM) | Under:Blog

This is not a joke, but an actual reply I got from someone I contacted to see if their domain was for sale. Now sure it was a nice name (a – that could have probably fetched $2,000 on the aftermarket. But $2.5m and Domain Art? Now I haven’t been involved in this business as long as some but has anyone ever come across Domain art before?

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Posted: 01.27.09 (1:09 PM) | Under:Blog

Every name in our portfolios has been registered because we think we can make money off it. The sad thing is not all of them will sell. A few of them may pay their way with parking income, but even that is unlikely. So the others just sit there burning a hole in our pockets as we wait for the big payday to come along.

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Posted: 01.22.09 (10:58 AM) | Under:Blog

Well I’m not going to lie to anyone – it’s been a pretty tough couple of weeks. I haven’t had any serious enquiries on my names, but I have had a couple of $200 offers on my CC.coms and about 5 other ridiculous offers.

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Posted: 01.19.09 (1:01 PM) | Under:Blog

I was asked by a colleague of mine the other day (who knows about my domain moonlighting) if I had any domains I wouldn’t sell. At first I said yes, there are a couple of domains in my portfolio I will not be selling as I have grand development plans for them. After thinking about this for a little while I changed my answer to no

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Posted: 01.15.09 (11:23 AM) | Under:Blog

There was a rumour going round some time ago that Google takes the registration period of a domain name into account when ranking a new website. Basically a longer period of say 10 years tells your visitors (and Google) that you’re serious and in it for the long haul.

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Posted: 01.14.09 (1:21 PM) | Under:Blog

Last night I had another learning experience on Namecake. Apparently anything I enter on my site is by default being sent as new content to the feeds.
So adding domains I had previously forgotten to list has caused my site to send about 40 messages to the news aggregation services out there that republish the articles I post.

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Posted: 01.12.09 (11:32 AM) | Under:Blog

There are a raft of minisite services out there at present - all fighting for your valuable $$$, but not all of these services are equal.
I have recently had two sites built by the team at and I am very impressed with what they have done for me. The first site was and the second was a prize I won on DNKitchen for the development of

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Posted: 01.5.09 (11:54 AM) | Under:Blog

When I started my first large web development project i foolishly thought it would be relaitvely simple to grow the site into a popular destination and have hundreds of eager buyers looking over my domains.
I’d had some experience with running minisites and not only were they a doddle to look after, some of them were receiving over 300 uniques a day. How much more difficult could a larger site that’s actually selling something useful be?

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Posted: 01.3.09 (4:57 PM) | Under:Blog

I saw a very interesting post by Frankie over at yesterday. He had previously posted about minisites he was developing, but soon decided his efforts would be better served by focusing on one or two larger sites. One of these is Vowels.Me – basically it’s a marketplace for minisite developers that is similar to What happens is you post your site and what you’re looking for and then minisite developers bid for the job. Sounds simple

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Posted: 01.2.09 (10:35 AM) | Under:Blog

Looking around the web you see some well thought out sites on premium names that are a great asset to their owners. But there are also some sites built on names that are innocent at first glance, then you dig a little deeper and you find that innocent name has an entirely different meaning. Anyway, you should have a good laugh when you see some of these beauties:

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Posted: 12.29.08 (11:18 AM) | Under:Blog

Some days I curse Kevin Ham and Business 2.0 for the article, “The Man Who Owns the Internet.” As it was after reading this that I became involved in the domain business. I started off with rose tinted glasses firmly in place and expected my millions were just around the corner

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Posted: 12.25.08 (12:12 PM) | Under:Blog

Hi everyone – I’ve just managed to sneak away to my beloved laptop and just wanted to wish all my readers a Happy Christmas and prosperous new year. has recently reported tha Santa successfully completed his 2008 flight. Well done Santa!

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Posted: 12.22.08 (9:42 AM) | Under:Blog

Like most of you guys, time is my most precious commodity and there’s nothing I hate more than spending great amounts of it doing grunt work (checking e-mail addresses, sending mails, listing my site on directories, etc..) There are companies that can help you outsource these niggling time intensive tasks, but the problem here is that they are normally expensive and you find that quite often

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Posted: 12.20.08 (12:52 PM) | Under:Blog

I came across a very interesting site the other day: - Similar in concept to Estibot, but for established websites. There’s also some other very useful data, such as Page Rank, Alexa Rank, etc… Now I think the figures they are quoting may be a little on the high side, but it sure makes interesting reading.

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Posted: 12.18.08 (10:31 AM) | Under:Blog

I’ve looked into this topic in quite some detail, spoken with some of the top SEO people in the business and found out that this is a bit of a hornets nest, where the search guys are split into three groups:

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Posted: 12.15.08 (11:08 AM) | Under:Blog

There seems to be an obsession amongst domainers about premium letters for their two, three and four letter names. Now I can see how has more value than (which by the way I think is utterly worthless) But people seem to get so hung up on having premium letters in their names.

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Posted: 12.11.08 (4:59 PM) | Under:Blog

There is no definitive answer to this question as one end user is completely different to another one (I know that’s stating the obvious.) The problem with most Domainers is that we are stuck in a certain mindest of strict aftermarket rules. Hyphens are bad, the letters aren’t premium, building a site on a .net or .biz is a waste of time, numbers and words don’t work,

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Posted: 12.8.08 (10:47 AM) | Under:Blog

Minisites seem to be all the rage now that parking revenues have taken a tumble.
It seems like every development company out there has a kick ass minisite deal that will help you get the most out of your portfolio.
But are they as lucrative as some would have you believe?

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Posted: 12.5.08 (12:14 PM) | Under:Blog

Selling domains is just like selling anything else, whether it be double glazing, apples or real estate. It doesn’t matter if you like selling face to face, over the phone or on e-mail, you still need to be able to let a prospective buyer know all the good things your product offers in a clear and concise way. This is where the elevator pitch come in.

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Posted: 12.4.08 (1:50 PM) | Under:Blog

I just wanted to let you know about a very bad virus that is circulating the web. It will come as a mail from Hallmark. Do not open this message or any attachment regardless of who it’s from, as it contains a virus that will

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Posted: 12.4.08 (12:45 PM) | Under:Blog

Most of us involved in the domain business have taken a risk. Some have taken small risks with their weekly allowance, whereas others have put their house and savings on the line. Look at Rick Schwartz, Scott Day and Frank schilling – people thought them madmen when they put everything they had into domain names at a time when there wasn’t a market and no one else saw the opportunity. And to be honest, they were!

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Posted: 12.1.08 (11:42 AM) | Under:Blog

Closing an end user sale is the only way to make serious money in this business. Yes it’s lovely when they approach you and make a fabulous offer, but this is rarely the case. So instead of waiting around for what is probably never going to happen, a small amount of domainers take the initiative and contact the end users themselves.

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Posted: 11.27.08 (11:04 AM) | Under:Blog

As I skim through the forums I see quite a lot of threads from people new to this business titled: I have $10,000 to spend on domains – what should I invest in now?
Of course there is lots of advice thrown around (quite a lot of it is very good), “’s are cheap now, only invest in one word premiums, .Net is the way to go.”

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Posted: 11.25.08 (11:12 AM) | Under:Blog

I recently interviewed Craig Rowe from Whypark on their phase 2 development program and how they plan to help all Domainers transform their parked pages into unique and attractive sites. As most of you are probably aware the domain community has been crying out for a cost effective way to develop their domains into popular income producing websites.

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Posted: 11.24.08 (10:11 AM) | Under:Blog

I get quite a few e-mails from visitors to my site on a daily basis. Most of these are people trying to sell me their names or services I have no need for. But over the last three weeks I’ve had four mails from people new to this business asking me which sites I’d recommend to someone who is just starting out or who wants to get on top

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Posted: 11.23.08 (7:07 PM) | Under:Blog

News aggregation and media sites seem to be the new hot thing out there at present as people have less time to search for the information they need. Sure, Search Engines are useful in finding certain sites, but the results can be very hit and miss. This is where news aggregators come into their own, as their targeted content give you exactly what you need. But like all things, some are streets ahead of the others.

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Posted: 11.23.08 (12:59 PM) | Under:Blog

Pily has just gone to auction at Sedo.
This is a superb and very brandable. It is a very popular phrase on Google, with over 4,850,000 listings.

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Posted: 11.20.08 (6:35 PM) | Under:Blog

I think all you really need to know about this can be answered by Christian Kallad, who is the director of brokerage for Sedo North America. Christian said, “If you ask 10 different experts, they are sure to tell you 10 different things (about a domain’s value).”
Not exactly a great advertisement for their domain appraisal service

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Posted: 11.17.08 (1:21 PM) | Under:Blog

As I said in a prior post, when I first started out in this business I hand registered a couple of hundred names, sat back and waited for the wealth to pour in.
This never happened so I started buying names I knew had value as this seemed like a more sensible approach to succeeding in this business.

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Posted: 11.14.08 (3:29 PM) | Under:Blog

I’ve just read a very disturbing post on about how Verisign and other existing gTLD operators are almost being invited to ask for their contracts to be amended, and in effect get the same treatment as the new gTLD’s in regards the elimination of pricing caps.

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Posted: 11.14.08 (11:53 AM) | Under:Blog

Amongst all of the end of the world predictions and cries that our Industry is falling apart there has been some positive news of late.

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Posted: 11.13.08 (11:04 AM) | Under:Blog

Well this current downturn hasn’t been doing me any favours of late. So I thought I’d broaden my horizons a little and try some of the domain brokers out there.
Now as I’m sure you’re aware there are lots of people willing to help you sell your names.

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Posted: 11.12.08 (11:47 AM) | Under:Blog

Well the Stock Markets have defied the odds of late and most indices have recovered by about 15% or so. Although this is good news, if you look a little closer into the numbers you’ll see the buying volume is very low and it seems like the more savvy investors are using this as an opportunity lessen their exposure

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Posted: 11.10.08 (11:10 AM) | Under:Blog

Every day I seem to do a lot of web wondering and am always looking for new and useful sites to help me in my business and for entertainment. So I thought I’d share on a weekly basis the top 3-5 I come across.

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Posted: 11.6.08 (8:47 AM) | Under:Blog

There seem to be two camps constantly warring and arguing on this. Some people love the ease that Parking offers them and others feel it’s a waste of a name.
I’ve started developing some names recently and looked at about 30,000 sites out there

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Posted: 11.3.08 (11:46 AM) | Under:Blog

It doesn’t matter whether you’re sixteen or sixty, whether you look like Carmen Electra or Danny DeVito, whether you have millions or only a few dollars. Whatever the case you can make money by investing in domain names.

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Posted: 10.30.08 (10:23 AM) | Under:Blog

The domain industry is virtually unknown by the majority of people out there.
I had some drinks with my friends the other day and they started asking questions on what it was I’m spending a lot of my spare time on nowadays. I started to explain about buying and selling domain names

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Posted: 10.27.08 (11:35 AM) | Under:Blog

.com, .com, .com – that’s all the majority of domainers seem to shout about. The general opinion seems to be that If you’re going to develop a website you have to have the .com.

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Posted: 10.24.08 (11:56 AM) | Under:Blog

This is the question most domain investors are asking, or should be asking themselves. It doesn’t matter if your strategy is long or short term, price fluctuations affect us all, especially when they’re on the down side.

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Posted: 10.23.08 (10:15 AM) | Under:Blog

When starting out in this game it’s incredibly easy to just dive in without dipping your toe in the water first, and if you’re anything like me you probably got quite a nasty shock when your head went under.

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Posted: 10.21.08 (1:13 PM) | Under:Blog

We have reduced a selection of our domains prices to the fire sale level. These prices are only good for two weeks from today. It’s unlikely you will find prices like these anywhere else on the web.

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Posted: 10.20.08 (11:32 AM) | Under:Blog

The internet is filling up. Good and bad sites, parked pages, blogs, bulletin boards, billions and billions of pages of information and everyone clamouring to be heard. The sad thing is it’s only going

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