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Caveat Emptor ~ “Let The Buyer Beware”

Thursday, June 16, 2011
By admin


We all know domain thieves abound. Oftentimes they do it via something as simple as a run of the mill keylogger. Other times it’s malicious code sent via email. There are many techniques but the results are the same. Compromised systems mean eventually names will be stolen.

 As a broker I have to do due diligence. If I get approached to broker I can’t afford to be lazy. Stolen names are often sent to brokers as it’s an easy route to launder dirty names. These guys aren’t dumb. Hell they steal names. What better avenue to offload than via a broker, someone who has exisiting contacts that may well buy on "trust" from a "trusted broker"

Well some jerk approached me recently on skype with a "good deal" The names he offered were , , , , , and the guy selling was going under the skype username of ursinho88.

He was trying to offload all these strong Egyptian geos for $22 k. Watch out for this guy, he clearly likes the privacy of skype to try and offload his wares. Too smart for the forums clearly.

He approached me as he knows we are running a geo auction on Bido, which starts tomorrow. He wasn’t interested in submitting names (now I fully understand why) His strategy was to get me to contact my clients. This stuff happens pretty regularly, especially with fake ppc sellers.

Many thanks to Amr for help regarding this issue. Amr is also known as Amr 100 on Namepros.

BIG Hint, secure your PC and laptop

~Make sure you run windows updates regularly ~ assuming you are a windows user.
~Keep your anti virus software upto date and run tests regularly
~Be careful what you download off the net
~Be careful what sites you visit ~ drive by malware is rife on the net
~Check your firewall settings ~ assuming you have one! If you don’t get one!
~Download anti malware software Spybot s&d, malwarebytes, lavasoft adaware etc and update and run tests regularly
~Never store your passwords on your pc
~Change your passwords regularly and make them hard to hack
~Don’t use the same passwords for different sites
~Whichever email address you use change your password regularly

check out for free anti malware downloads


Bookmark this site for more info on stolen names ~

Check out a link on namepros for more info on the above domains.


Feel free to check out our non stolen domain Geo auction ~


thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly

C.O.O Namecake

C.E.O UpMarketDNs



  1. by Morgan |  June 16, 2011, 9:43 pm  

    Excellent post and really important that we all work together here! Really appreciate you mentioning - new version rolling-out soon that will hopefully make it really hard for thieves to sell stolen domains!

  2. by admin |  June 16, 2011, 9:48 pm  

    Morgan I’m more than happy to mention your site.
    Any initiative like yours is much needed and extremely welcome. Great idea and I applaud your efforts.
    The Industry needs a central focal point for this stuff and it looks like you’re the guy providing it. Kudos!

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