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Develop, And Do It Right ~ Here’s A Prime EXAMPLE !!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
By admin


How much are Premium Domain owners leaving on the table? Development is the way to go, especially for certain domains. I’m not talking about - now dead in the water - mini sites but strategically built out sites that offer pertinent and in demand info.

James Stafford (the Namecake owner) has just returned from Washington. His baby is and all his hard work on developing out this domain to it’s current glory resulted in James being directly contacted by a leading figure in the Global Intelligence Industry. This lead James into various JVs with various strategic partners in that lucrative vertical.That’s why James has just got back from Washington, James is a busy guy, VERY! For a little more information as to what he was up to in Washington take a look at the wired article:

James is a serious Domainer too, in fact I originally began brokering exclusively for James before taking on other clients too. James took time out of domaining full time to develop, he kept his hand in with domains, buying here, selling there but his main priority was very much developing out OP to it’s true potential. OilPrice is essentially a global energy market portal highlighting and detailing all aspects of the crucial energy Industry. OP is not just limited to Oil specifically, the site covers virtually every aspect of the energy market.

After much hard work his efforts have begun to seriously pay off. OilPrice is booming, don’t excuse the pun. The paid advertiser uptake has gone through the roof. Just goes to show that the correct development of prime domain names really does pay off. OP now receives just over 9000 uniques daily.That level is increasing massively daily (mainly due to the site’s widgets - but more of that later) The Google page rank is 5 currently though James is confident the next round will take that upto up to 6/7.There are now over 12,000 subscribers to the OP newsletter. Over 70% of OP visitors are from USA, 12% Canada and 8% UK and Australia.

OP is James’s first major site development so as he readily admits he was pretty clueless on monetisation at first, it didn’t make anything in its first year in fact! Now however revenues are strong as James not only sells advertising space but also uses lead generation affiliation to drive the sites main revenue, OP sells leads to financial publishers and financial services, which I’ve been told knocks the socks off standard banner deals.

To extend the model the whole OP site is being re-designed by an excellent team based in England. After the redesign James will be adding another lucrative revenue stream, resource company PR! James figures OP will then have the ability to work with an unlimited number of advertisers (he didn’t go into too much detail, but the new site will reveal all.)

A feature of OilPrice I particularly like are the interactive widgets, they really are a superb feature of the site. Unique and extremely clever they allow users to reproduce them on their own sites whilst at the same time promoting the site too!. These widgets cover most energy sectors, metals, finance and debt. Take a look at their widget page to see what I mean:

Let me stress that although I am partnering James with Namecake (we will be introducing a brand new site on Namecake imminently) I am not involved at any level with his OilPrice project, unfortunately lol.



On another note entirely ~

Short And Sweet ~ Calling All Two Letter Com Vendors

We have a client actively buying two letter coms. If you have any for sale currently please contact me with details (the domain/s and your asking price) Our client is a serious buyer and has funds allocated to spend - for the right deals.


While I’m talking about short domains check out our SHORT DOMAIN AUCTION ~ Inventory includes MAJ.COM, 74.CO.UKBUG.NETJK.DEPLO.NET ~ There are 50 auctions in total and all close tomorrow!



thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly

C.O.O Namecake

C.E.O UpMarketURLs


  1. by Mike |  May 17, 2011, 10:03 pm  

    There is also money left on the table when you go develop and take your attention away from buying more domains, so I’d argue that it can be looked at both ways.

    I turned towards development at the end of the 90’s and up to 2002 and I missed a prime period for domain acquisitions.

    Never again. I won’t ever develop a domain “myself” ever again. I will only partner and let the other guy do all the work now.

  2. by admin |  May 17, 2011, 10:30 pm  


    I hear you! Plenty of domainers have lost a lot of money developing out their properties. I guess that’s why I stated “I’m not talking about - now dead in the water - mini sites but strategically built out sites that offer pertinent and in demand info”
    I figure loads of domainers get frustrated, have some great names, check the ppc rev and then decide to be developers. They plough loads of cash into development with no clear plan in mind. They then lose passion / interest and give up the ghost.
    That’s one of the main reasons James’s success with OP made me determined to post about it. He is the first to admit he hadn’t a clue what he was doing lol ~ at first anyway.
    He didn’t quit when he looked at his figures at the end of year one. He reappraised and worked even harder. I respect that.
    I agree re missing out on buying domains, especially if too many funds are tied up in web dev. Now is a great time to buy (at the right price of course).
    So yes I agree there are two sides to the story.

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