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Domain Giveaway – Walked.Com, Raw.Biz, Zecu.Com and others going VERY CHEAP!

Friday, March 6, 2009
By admin


Well it’s about time I cleared some more room in my portfolio as I have a large development project coming up.

I am selling the following domains at a nice discount. As you can see the prices are by the side. If interested please send a mail to: – buyer pays Escrow.

These offers are only good for a week.


Raw.Biz - $1,000 - $5000 (Estibot has the value at $97,000) – large daily search volume for this exact term. - $4,250 for this premium one word .Com (Estibot value = $27,000) – $3,000. Another popular Generic phrase. - $1,850 – Very brandable and nice sounding LLLL.Com - $1500 – Great price for a name of this quality)

Vector.Biz - $600 ( sold for $31,725 in Oct 08)

Clipart.Biz - $600

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  1. by LittleDevil |  March 7, 2009, 3:02 am  

    Must be a big project! Good luck and congrats. You gonna be sharing which domain you’re developing - or at a later time once you get further along?

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