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Is the .com really that important? How about a nice .Org!

Monday, October 27, 2008
By admin


.com, .com, .com – that’s all the majority of domainers seem to shout about. The general opinion seems to be that If you’re going to develop a website you have to have the .com.

I’ve been thinking recently just how necessary the .com is when building a successful site? Surely the other extensions can’t be as worthless as people are saying. There must be some successful business have been built on alternative extensions.

As what this implies is that my .Nets, .orgs and .Biz’s, are all useless for development purposes. Should I just hope some other sucker comes along and takes them off my hands so I can buy another .com!

Well I don’t think so. Sure I love .coms, if I had the six and seven figure budget I’d love to own that juicy generic one word name, but I don’t and to be honest if you have a great idea, design a good site, get some good content and hire a “good” SEO advisor, you’ll find your site is pulling in a significant amount of traffic and most likely more than the generic you couldn’t afford in the first place

Here are just a few of the successful business have been built on alternative extensions:


Obviously there are many more than the above. The real numbers are probably in the tens of thousands, possibly much more. But what this does is highlight the fact that the .com is not essential to your online success.


Now I’m not going to deny that there won’t be any traffic bleed to the .com extension, as there obviously will. But how much and how significant will this number really be?

Type in traffic is minimal on most names out there and I don’t know anyone who would just type in the browser if they were looking for fridges. They’d do what 99% of the population do and pop it in Google, and this is where you have a fighting chance – actually better than a fighting chance as the chances are the .com is currently parked, so it won’t even be one of your serious competitors, and if it was you have saved on the purchase price of the name so you now have more to spend on SEO and content development. And remember the Search Engines don’t care if it’s .com, .net, .biz, .whatever


A common argument is that if you type a phrase in Google you will see more .com’s in the top results. Well of course you will, as most sites are developed on .com’s. Yes lots of sites are developed on country extensions, but the main promotion, advertising and content creation is on these .com sites.

You’ll find in quite a few instances that when a company is very successful on a different extension they then buy the .com ( comes to mind) – and sure – this is a smart move. But just because you don’t have the .com don’t let this freeze you into inactivity. If you have a good idea and you implement the idea well you can succeed with almost any extension.


So how am I going to play this? Well currently I’m developing two .com’s but going forwards I have two .orgs and a .biz I’ve got serious development plans for, and if I can get my strategy right I’m quite confident I don’t need the .com to succeed with these sites.

So please build that site you have been dreaming about on the extension you have to hand or can afford and don’t let the hype and rumours put you off creating a valuable and popular web business.


I hope you’ve found this post interesting - Let the angry comments begin ;-)




  1. by Sammy Ashouri |  October 27, 2008, 12:30 pm  

    Absolutely right.

    Someone broke my dad’s rear car window last night. Today he asked me to try to find him what prices were like around the area cause he was too lazy to search himself.

    Automatically put in what I wanted into Google and landed on an AWESOME website: I would have NEVER imagined to go to for car windows, but lo-and-behold. E-mailed the link to my dad and he thinks the website is fabulous. Bookmarked and I’m sure he won’t forget it… since it’s a great domain name. Not a .com, but still memorable and well recognizable domain name.

    I’m currently hoping to pick up a .org tomorrow (crosses fingers) to brand a new portfolio website. The keyword is exactly what I’m looking for… the e[keyword].com domain is available, but hell… it just looks so weird. I’d much rather have the better “.org” domain.

  2. by Robbie Ferguson |  October 27, 2008, 1:31 pm  

    I think the domain ext really comes down to the market and area you plan to use the domain.

    i.e. - If you want to have an international brand yes .com is king.

    If you are in the UK then is king etc etc.

    The .net is an excellent ext if the .com is gone and we do see lots of companies use the net as dot net alway make me think interNET

    The .org in my eyes is good when you are associating Doctors website etc like, I think it works well there.

    I suppose what Im trying to say is it depends on your market place and what you hope to achieve.

    I have set up a new website - Where I list good keyword names like etc that are all still avail to register at Reg Fee so many people always just pick up the dot com but other ext like .org and .net are available and still excellent depending on what you hope to achieve.

    My thoughts on the matter anyway.



  3. by Jeremy |  October 27, 2008, 4:44 pm - Not a company. (Also has the .com) - Not a company. - Not a company. - Not a company. (OS wing of WordPress.COM)

    That leaves us (a REALLY great generic .net) and (a successful *website* but I don’t think it can be called a successful *business* yet).

    Out of all these examples only really stands out as a site that’s success comes from it’s domain. The others are either projects of larger (& already successful) groups or sites that would be successful even with a bad domain name.

    Yes, it’s possible to build a quality site on ANY domain, but if you’re looking for a domain to help you out instead of doing all the heavy lifting yourself, it either ends in .com or is just an insanely great, 1 word, SUPER-PREMIUM, alternate extension.

  4. by admin |  October 27, 2008, 9:04 pm  

    Thanks for the comments guys.
    Robbie - you are right. I’m also in the UK and a large % of the sites advertised are, the same applies to Germany (.de) and Spain (.es).
    But the other major extensions can also be used to build successful websites.
    Jeremy you pointed out that 4 of the sites I chose are not companies. Well this may be the case but they are certainly very successful sites and after looking at the Alexa top 1000 today i say quite a lot of extensions in there that weren’t .com
    I agree though about the heavy lifting, as when you start out in business you want all the help and assistance you can get and when it comes to online business - the right domain can go a long way to helping you get on your feet.

  5. by Bob |  October 27, 2008, 11:27 pm  

    Very easy to find many .org or .net domains for low prices. I hand registered last year.

  6. by steven |  October 28, 2008, 1:41 am  

    Very Good Post!

  7. by Damir |  October 28, 2008, 8:25 am  

    .com domain names are important since they are the first domain nam ext. online but when it comes to a particular domain ext. be it .com or country code that depends on the search engine used when searching for information / domain name websites - example would be use google Australia and most of the info / domain name websites would be .au (when searching for info/domain name websites) in Australia.

  8. by Helder |  October 29, 2008, 1:26 am  

    I agree with this post, search engines don’t care about extensions. When people search for something they don’t type the extension, they type the keywords. I believe that the extensions value is more a domainers thing than a webmaster thing. I think that anyone will prefer to build a site with the best words they can find for their business, even if it’s a different extension. The same thing i believe can be applied to other things, why does a domain with 3 words lose its value when compared to one or two words domains? I know the shorter the domain the easier it is to remember, but once again it all depends on the words, if the 3 words suit the business better, it’s better to have a bit longer domain than a shorter that doesn’t apply so well. How about the non sense 3 or 4 letter domains? Do you think it’s better to have an website zxky that means nothing to your business or a domain with meaningfull words to your business? The truth is a domain’s worth is what someone is willing to pay for it, that’s why i think domain apraisals are just another business related to domains, but aren’t really worth it, and the value of domains is something very different for someone who lives of buying and selling domains to someone who wants to build and develop websites/business

  9. by admin |  October 29, 2008, 1:29 pm  

    Helder - great comment - when it comes to building a site if you have the right idea and implement well you can succeed on any extension. But the .com would make your journey easier.

  10. by Jessica |  October 31, 2008, 5:07 pm  

    Great article. I have been contemplating whether I should get .net site, after reading this, I might go ahead and do it. Thanks!

  11. by Namington |  November 3, 2008, 7:31 pm  


    I agree with you. There is no reason to pay 10 or 20 times more for the .com, if you have a good .net.

  12. by |  December 8, 2008, 11:41 pm  

    “Now I’m not going to deny that there won’t be any traffic bleed to the .com extension, as there obviously will. But how much and how significant will this number really be?”

    If you have a great .org, .net,… and can’t get the .com i wouldn’t worry about it. So what if you have a little bleeding. Some people advise not to develop on a non-com because the .com will benefit from your work, so what? it is like saying don’t renovate your home on the outside because your neighbors will benefit from your increased house value …

  13. [...] looked into this topic in quite some detail, spoken with some of the top SEO people in the business and found out that this is a bit of a hornets nest, where the search guys [...]

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