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It’s Getting Interesting

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
By admin


We work in a funny old Business. Last week we ran 40 auction losts on Bido. 6 of those 40 sold, not a disaster but not that impressive either. Of the 34 remaining lots we relisted 6. Well the first of that six just closed on Bido and we are extremely happy with the result. just closed well over it’s reserve of $3.5 k and reached a closing price of $6945.

As well as various other methods of marketing this strong product com we recently ran an extensive google adwords campaign highlighting the actual auction. This domain has been on my books for many months. Previously a sale of $12 k fell through at escrow as the end user failed to complete.

Now we are very interested to see how the other 5 relisted domains fair. is next up with only 20 minutes left at the time of writing. It has to come up a long way to meet reserve but maybe there will be some last minute activity.

Next up is which also has a long way to come up! Just 42 mins left on that one.

Then comes which has around an hour left at time of writing. has a long way to go if it has any hope of hitting reserve too but with an hour and 10 mins or so we’re hopeful it will come up greatly. Again this domain has also had extensive promotion incl Google adwords etc.

Lastly we have just over 7 hours left for the package of 9 Premium .Me This one has to double its current high offer to meet reserve.

If worst comes to worst and just sells then it’s gone ok. Anything else is a bonus.



thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly

C.O.O Namecake

C.E.O UpMarketURLs

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