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Lone Wolf Or A Team Player?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011
By admin



By nature I’m a lone wolf but I can be a social animal too. Which are you? Domaining is an Industry mostly populated by lone wolves in my opinion. The point I’m making is this, is going it alone as effective as networking with others in this Industry (or in associated Industries)

Over the last few years I’ve made a conscious effort to hook up with Domainers/Web designers/other Brokers etc. Afterall two or more heads are generally better than one. Has this tactic paid off? Yup,without a doubt. James Stafford (who is the owner of Namecake) is a prime example. After just two years of knowing him I am now in the final planning stages of launching a Domain related site that will definitely create quite a stir. Our provisional launch date will be May1st 2011. Of course there is a downside to every formal partnership (and thats where contracts come in handy) but when partnerships have the security of a contract all entities can knuckle down and get to work as a team with a common goal.

Informal arrangements can be extremely fruitful too. Almost a year ago we (UpMarketURLs) hooked up with Andrew Rosener who is in my opinion the best Independent broker out there and one who regularly has fantastic sales reported on Andrew is not only an excellent broker he is also a stand up guy too. After just weeks of first hooking up with Andrew’s MediaOptions we cobrokered for $52 k. A good few more cobrokered deals down the road all I can say is that I anticipate many more mutally beneficial deals in the future. Once a level of mutual trust is established a true Business partnership is formed. 

This all leads me on to my final point. Many outside of this Industry already view us all as Cybersquatters, I have a good few people in this Industry who I would never trust but I try my best not to go around making it public knowledge. Sure i’ll mention it to associates but you’ll never find me making it public (unless I absolutely have to)

My good friend Justin Kulhawick was instrumental in helping former customers with their attempts to retrieve stolen property (ie their domains,websites etc) from Kevin Medina. Justin ran the site and I was more than happy to help behind the scenes in any way I could at the time. For me the Halvarez/Snapnames scandal and the Registerfly debacle were of the same magnitude, but who even mentions Medina these days? The scale of his crimes was breathtaking and he got off incredibly lightly.

So many of us like to air our dirty laundry in public, there are much more effective ways to go about things. Sometimes full exposure is critical but oftentimes it’s counterproductive. If we make a mountain out of every molehill and crucify each other for days/weeks/months publicly what kind of message does that send out to the Non Domainers (many of them potential end users) A professional approach is much more to be desired. Who wants to do Business with people perceived to be cat fighting cybersquatters? 

In a situation like Registerfly (still trading upto recently as - though currently doesn’t resolve) and the Halvarez shill bidding scandals we have to make it public, as not to would be outrageous. But do we have to have constant public squabbles over much less serious episodes?

FYI Bob Parsons also did very very nicely out of the Registerfly debacle I believe. I’m told each domain Godaddy gained control of from Registerfly cost just $1 !!! Do the math (as Americans like to say) Of course many of these reclaimed names never went to their rightful owner/s for whatever reason~ I guess Mr Parsons would argue that he didn’t have the relevant ownership details passed over but the renewal costs / hosting costs must have been in the millions over the last few years. Finally just what happened to all the registerfly/godaddy names that were never allocated to their original owners?


thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly




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  1. by David Williams |  April 5, 2011, 4:29 pm  

    I am more of a “lone wolf” which is probably why I was drawn towards domaining. I love doing things on my own and making the decisions. I probably should connect with people more but it’s quite hard to find other domainers, especially when I am in a country town in Australia. Very few domainers out here ;-)

  2. by Tim |  April 5, 2011, 5:57 pm  

    Nice article Andy.Great read.

  3. by admin |  April 5, 2011, 6:11 pm  


    Even lone wolves have to network to some degree when resources are scarce lol. The great thing with the Internet is our geo location isn’t that important. With skype / forums / twitter / linkedin / facebook / news aggs there are plenty of chances to hook up.


    Thanks for your positive remarks.

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