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My Thoughts On Bido

Wednesday, April 6, 2011
By admin


Mention and you get very mixed replies. Well here’s what I think. They have an amazing platform that has enourmous potential. They also have glitches on their system that need addressing but having skyped with management they are working hard at addressing them. The most common complaint Bido receives is the lack of quality inventory on their site. They’re working on this too. It’s not so much a question of where Bido are right now in April 2011 but where they will be December 2011, April 2012 etc etc. I firmly believe that Bido is set to explode in terms of quality - of not only their auctions but also their domain buying client base.

Plenty of users complain that the site loads slow. My tip is don’t use IE. I use to access Bido and I find it faultless and very quick. Bido recommend Chrome but I much prefer Opera. Chrome is a clunking browser for me (almost as clunking as IE imo). I only discovered Opera recently but it’s a great browser and unlike Chrome, Mozilla et al it is a very small download. I also get a kick out of using a non Google/MSN browser as those folks have way too much control over the search market already.

From the day Bido introduced the "Vote for profits" facility I was a fan. It’s a brilliant concept and whats more its completely unique. It leaves Sedo’s bland non interactive auctions for dust. Of course Sedo are the prime domain auction site, that is without question but bear in mind Sedo are now 10 yrs old and Bido aren’t even one year old (since the recent relaunch that is) I figure it won’t be too long before Bido gain a lot of traction (and I believe they already have to some degree) but as they will be the first to admit, there is still a long way to go.

I really hope Bido keep going for the long run. They have so many great ideas in the pipeline but I can’t reveal any I’m aware of as I don’t wish to jump the gun, they will announce these new features when they are ready of course.The worst thing Bido could do is quit again that would surely bury forever any hopes of their brand being able to relaunch again as they would effectively be dead in the water. Thankfully I figure the last thing on their minds is packing it all in again as it seems to me they are determined to turn their platform into a major player in the domain sales arena.

I am a firm believer that wherever you sell your names the main factor is finding a price point that facilitates bids. OK some auction platforms already come with a large client base who are more than happy to make serious bids (think Sedo) but taking that into account the traction that Bido have gained since their relaunch is sufficient for me to run a featured auction with them. If our featured auction flops we’ll consider it a learning curve. We’ll run another one within a few months regardless. Bottom line is if you try then fail that beats never trying and always failing. So we’re considering it an experiment.

All 40 auction lots belong to my clients (I am a domain broker mainly) We have worked hard marketing this upcoming auction and we will continue to do so until the auction closes. Bido are also assisting in the marketing process. There’s no point throwing up an auction and sitting back. Sure you can maybe afford this luxury with Sedo but with an emerging platform like Bido’s the onus is very much on putting "word out there"

As Bido continue to make strides they will enter a positive feedback loop. The more good sales generated the more word gets out that Bido isn’t just a great place to buy bargain domains under $100 but is also a great place to buy and sell truly premium domains.

Our featured auction on Bido is open now for prebids and is live from April 9th until April 13th 10pm EST.

To see all our 40 auctions visit ~


thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly




  1. by Shane |  April 6, 2011, 1:06 pm  

    Some good names in there. Hope all works out well. I think you are throwing Bido a bone but as you said, it’s what Bido needs. More quality names

  2. by Tim |  April 6, 2011, 1:13 pm  

    I’ve only just got back to domains after a long time away. I bought my first domains back in 2001 and got a job in IT, well I got laid off 2 months ago.
    I have my eyes on three of these,keep your fingers crossed for me please.
    Good luck with this auction,some amazing domains there.

  3. by admin |  April 6, 2011, 1:19 pm  


    The way I see it is everything is pretty much in place for bido to thrive. All that is holding them back is time/much better names and getting rid of the stigma that they only have lower grade names on their system. A few good sales under their belts (post relaunch) and things will look a whole lot better.


    Now I’m intrigued,which 3? lol good luck with your bids and welcome back to the world of domains.

  4. by TeenDomainer |  April 6, 2011, 2:29 pm  

    I like bido and their platform and also the names you have listed all they need is some good names to bring people to view the auctions and everyone’s names on the site will benefit.

  5. by admin |  April 6, 2011, 2:50 pm  

    TeenDomainer you got it in one.

  6. [...] Namecake is selling some high quality names in a few days which should also bring some high quality bidders to the site and benifit all of the auctions and sellers on the site. The fees are not bad and it might be a nice time to clear some names in the $100 to $500 area with the other high quality auction going on. [...]

  7. [...] Namecake is selling some high quality names in a few days which should also bring some high quality bidders to the site and benifit all of the auctions and sellers on the site. The fees are not bad and it might be a nice time to clear some names in the $100 to $500 area with the other high quality auction going on. [...]

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