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Our Bido Experiment, Hit? Or Miss?

Thursday, April 14, 2011
By admin


Well the initial auction has closed on Bido. Of the 40 lots, 2 hit reserve in the prebidding stage. Two were sold in the live auction. We also have two "accept high offer" sales to report. The best results were the sales of for $3823 and for $2100.Find results of all 6 sales at

But just like that Universal school report "Your child has done ok but they could do much better!" We did do ok (for a first attempt)  but you can bet your best domains that we will indeed do much better! Frustratingly finished just $500 shy of it’s reserve/bido price of $3.5k. As you will notice below we have already extended the auction for it.

All in all we are pretty happy,but we could be much happier. I said a few posts back that our partnered auction was "an experiment". We worked hard putting it out there, we’re going to work even harder to put it out there some more. I have nothing but praise for the effort and ideas put into this auction by Bido. As I said a few posts back also, Domainers have to be marketing gurus too if they ever wish to make that quantum leap from "getting by" to "hitting the BIG time" If you’re going to do something give it your all, I’m very much "an all or nothing" kind of person, some would say I’m also "a stubborn,unrelenting Irish git" too. 

At the time of writing we have relisted the following and as such all six are in extended auction right now!

All Close Wednesday Afternoon E.S.T April 20th!


A package of 9! Premium .Me (incl.


We are very happy with the effort levels put in by ourselves and by Bido. Like the old addage "Build it and they will come" I believe Bido have pretty much built it. Tweaks are required to their platform (as they know) but my gut feeling that Bido can become a major player in the domain auction aftermarket is only reaffirmed having now worked with them closely.

Will I work with them again? You betcha. We are already in the preliminary stages of bringing another UpMakretURLs/Bido Premium Domain Auction into being. But first we want to rerun some currently unsold gems from the last one.


Watch this space!


thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly

C.O.O Namecake

C.E.O UpMarketURLs


  1. by Gary McDonald |  April 15, 2011, 4:20 am  

    I just looked at the all time bido top sales.
    You guys definitely had a hit. is at number 10,and is at 29.

    Well done guys. Have noted the extended auctions as I have an eye on one in particular.

  2. by F.Joyce |  April 15, 2011, 4:45 am  

    I’ve seen you guys broker a good few pretty good sales over the last year or so on dnjournal.Was surprised yu wanted to work with bido.Dont get me wrong I like bido but theyre not exactly hot.
    All the same you did ok I agree.Will be interesting to see how the extended auctions do.
    Bidos biggest problem is junk inventory. Its a case of give a dog a bad name Im afraid. Maybe they can start to turn the corner now. The site needs more than a few tweaks though.
    Load time sucks,faults on system also include free voiting points rarely being credited.Im sure there are more but cant think of any more right now.

  3. by admin |  April 15, 2011, 4:51 am  

    @ Gary. TBH we consider it a hit and a miss lol.We marketed this auction heavily. OK it is a learning curve but we had hoped to sell a few more but maybe that was ambitious. Bido were a pleasure to work with and I still maintain that they can and will take off over the next year,maybe sooner.

    @f.joyce. For us it wasn’t a case of that. Bido are babes in arms. They initially launched at the height of the recession, hell we did too as brokers. From the start bido got a name as a place to get cheap domains, I’m sure over the months ahead they will become known for that still but as also a place to get premium domains too.

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