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Proactive? Reactive? Or Plain Old Inactive?

Thursday, April 28, 2011
By admin


The World doesn’t owe any of us a living, in fact it doesn’t owe us anything! Anyone with half a brain knows too well that human history is littered with injustices and that the World we live in isn’t fair, the distribution of wealth in this World is grossly unfair, the rich get richer blah blah blah, toast falls butter side down yada yada yada. Bad things happen to good people and not enough bad things seem to happen to bad people. Accept it, it’s the way it is. 

Some folks inherit fortunes and others with ability don’t get a look in, don’t get a chance. Well if the later sounds like you and you figure it’s not even worth trying you better quit whining and get working. What would you rather do? Not play the game, take your ball home and refuse to play?  Life is life, It is what it is, so accept it for what it is and if it bothers you enough make enough money so that you can help begin to reddress the balance of the Worlds myriad injustices whilst looking after yourself and your family too, as charity does and should begin at home.

THE INTERNET IS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD, I REPEAT THE INTERNET IS A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD ~ Sure plenty of folks have got a great head start but whats stopping you starting playing catch up.

Domaining is a tough Business, unless you get lucky you’re going to have to earn every $ you make. It’s also no Business for quitters. Sometimes though you have to lose to win, thats one of lifes paradoxs. What’s the point pursuing a losing hand when everybody knows your cards stink. If we can learn from our mistakes we stand to gain. If we can harness all our frustration, anger and disappointments and our lessons learnt and apply them to a winning formula and most importantly work like crazy then success is inevitable.

Success is relative. For one man it’s millions in the bank for another it’s keeping on keeping on, providing for his family and doing a dreadful job for a poor wage and feeding his family week in week out, year after year. He’s as much a winner to me as the guy who has millions in the bank but I know which of those two I’d rather be.

Todays loser can be tomorrows winner. Use your God given abilities, get smart, focus, identify a niche, a gap in the market and work work work. Work till your head aches, your brain hurts, get a few hours sleep and start all over again. Keep working until you start to get rewards, use the buzz you get from these rewards and attract more good fortune through working even harder.

They say God loves a trier, well maybe I’ve had too little sleep, too much caffeine but there are far too many folks in this Industry who spend all day crying into their cappuchinos. Losing hurts, but giving up is unforgiveable. There are opportunities out there. They rarely come to us of their own volition but if we are prepared to work hard enough those very same opportunities will present themselves as if by magic.

There are some amazing people in domaining as well, smart folks, very smart folks and some of the best people you will ever meet (or not meet, at least face to face lol) There are plenty of sharks too but Business is Business to a great extent, what I mean by that is that there are plenty of traders who will use most tricks in the book to get the deal they want no matter what the cost is to their reputation and a man’s reputation is everything, no one wants to deal with someone with a bad rep unless they have to.

There are complete career criminals in this Business too, liars, thieves, folks with no scruples, folks who will never have scruples and wouldn’t even know how to spell it. My late Father used to say "There’s one born every minute and two born to catch him" well my advice is don’t get caught.

My Father - Jack Kelly - came to England (from Ireland) in his early twenties with literally nothing in his pocket. Within 5 years he was the owner of a large construction company employing 600 men and was dining with the then Chairman and Manager of Manchester United football club, Martin Edwards and Tommy Docherty respectively. My Father didn’t leave this world bankrupt but he did lose most of his fortune mainly due to numerous recessions in the UK which greatly impacted the Construction Industry.

He never once gave up though and I admire, miss and respect him as much today (16 years since he passed) than the day he died. He used to say that when life kicks you in the bollocks, dust yourself down and get back up and keep fighting. He practiced what he preached as he bravely fought cancer for three years - as well as three major downturns in his Business! The Doctors had given him 3 months with the aggressive cancer he had and he lasted almost 36 and kept working every day until three weeks before his passing. Mind over matter indeed.

As such I didn’t inherit cash to burn - unlike a lot of people- but I’m not crying about it, that’s the way it goes. I had to try and make my own money and learn from my own mistakes and as the song goes "Mistakes, I’ve made a few!"

For me money isn’t my God, it never was and I hope it never will be but I have nothing against money, far from it. There are so many things more important than money but like the old saying goes "Money can’t buy you happiness but I’d rather be miserable and rich then miserable and poor"

On a personal level I am nowhere near where I want to be, any success I’ve had thus far is nowhere near the success I aim to have. If it came easy I wouldn’t value it. I enjoy the challenge, the daily grind. I love engaging my brain, I try my best to move on. Not to waste too much time on "If onlys"

In the last 12 months I’ve lost count of the brokered deals I’ve had that have fallen through, but off the top of my head it must be circa $800 000 or so. Why waste time crying over it? Especially when there are other deals to pursue.


thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly

C.O.O Namecake

C.E.O UpMarketURLs


  1. by Scott Alliy |  April 28, 2011, 12:28 pm  

    Thanks for the uplifting message.

    Society seems to be at a major tipping point. Some will cash in others will hold and wait out the storm. Some as you mentioned will become aware of new opportunities that present themselves amidst the seeming chaos.

    Interestingly if you listen to the words of songs from any decade you will hear the same dark message over and over as in the 60’s song

    “You don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction”

    Are we or aren’t we 50 years later?

    Here’s to having the freedom to be able to continute to try to dream. To think for our selves and to be able to make our own decisions.

    As for me I am buying more domain names if for no other reason than their stability. Hundreds of products services and people have come and gone since the beginning of the Internet but addresses (aka domain names) have withstood the test of time turmoil and turbulence and have remained a beacon that we all have and will continue to use.


  2. by admin |  April 28, 2011, 12:49 pm  

    Tipping point indeed. In every sense, but like you say hasn’t every age got its tipping point/s. Only difference is now we have the tech to wipe ourselves out as a species. Ultimately I’m an optimist though as I’m a firm believer that as bad as the bad gets good will come out of it.
    Re domains being a stable investment (if we know what we’re doing) I hear you. They’re an amazing investment vehicle on the whole.

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