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Short Domains ~ The State Of The Nation

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
By admin


Many domainers consider three letter coms to be the "Gold Standard" of the domain industry. A barometer to measure the overall state of the domain climate, generally speaking.

So how are they fairing lately? Looking at archived sales pages on DNJournal over the last few months they’re not doing too badly at all!  Most of us know of the recent sale for $45k, a steal in many peoples opinion, mine included. recently sold for $45k too! I know which one of those two I would prefer at that price. Another notable 3 letter com sale so far this year was for $28k and which reached slightly less @ $27k. The most surprising three letter sale so far this year has undoubtedly been which went for a mammoth $61,750!

A mighty step above 3 letter coms await 2 letter coms. Recent sales include a sale brokered by my good friend Andrew Rosener who recently sold for $125k on behalf of his client. Another fantastic sale of a two letter this year is for $186k. TS was undoubtedly an end user sale, looking at the site it seems the new owners will be launching this excellent domain as a fully fledged website very soon. Even the two letter cctlds have been getting in on the act this year, went for $17,400 and there has also been a superb sale of a single letter cctld recently too ~ for $14,241. Another short domain type (a cctld) fetched  $12,330

Notable short numeric sales so far this year have included at $91,888, at $40,310. The prime 4 number sale of the year is at a very impressive $36,714. fetched $16,200 recently too!

Clearly short domains have fantastic appeal. Any Business that would prefer a domain such as over the short equivalent of shouldn’t be in Business!

If you are interested in submitting short domains you own to our upcoming Short Domain Auction please visit ~


*** UPDATE ***

Since I wrote this post Ron Jackson has released details of more short domain sales which certainly add credence to my assessment that short domains are doing very well in the current market. Ron just released details of the sales of for $90,000 and for $25,500 and @ $14,000 in his latest Domain sales roundup



thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly

C.O.O Namecake

C.E.O UpMarketURLs



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