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Something BIG is About to Hit the Domaining World

Wednesday, March 30, 2011
By admin




Something BIG is About to Hit the Domaining World!

~ and there is an excellent Online Premium Domain Auction coming up too!

I know NameCake has been a little quiet over the last two years on the blogging side, but some new blood has been added to the Namecake team. Even more interestingly we will soon be revealing a new site which every true blooded domainer will definitely be interested in.

NameCake has been dormant for a while but we haven’t gone anywhere,we aim to make at least one blog post a week going forward. James Stafford (Namecake’s owner) has been extremely busy with his various development projects, so much so that he has asked me to join the NameCake team. That’s an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. Not only have I worked with James on other projects but I am now delighted to have joined the team @ NameCake.
I’m Andy Kelly, an Irish domainer based in the UK. I have been a full time Domainer for almost 10 yrs now. I got hooked all those years back ~ like we all did ~  and without a doubt domaining is in my blood,I would need a full blood transfusion to get domaining out of my system.
The resellers market is tough right now, more so than anytime I have known over the last 10 yrs. My old mass reg and flip model suddenly no longer worked for me and I can tell you exactly when that occured,it won’t surprise you in the least. It ran in parallel with the global economic crisis, almost 3 years ago.
As we all know Domaining is very much a speculation driven Business. Sure the end users are still out there but not in the numbers they were just a few years ago. Even taking this into account, the domain sales market has still performed miraculously well post-crash compared to other verticals. In my opinion the resellers market has yet to bounce back. Resellers remain much more cautious about what they buy and much more cautious about what they will pay!
The resellers mindset has changed and will take years to recover. It’s all about confidence. I strongly feel that the gold rush mentality will return to domain speculators, history tells us that time and time again after every crash there is an eventual recovery. Many domainers realise that right now is the perfect time to buy as so many sellers are motivated to sell. Of course domainers that live in lalaland will continue to pitch their prices way way over any realisible price but hopefully they don’t need the cash but I’m guessing most of them do.
If your domaining model isn’t working you better do something about it or quit,or if you can,take a hiatus. Those of us who can’t afford to live off our interest had better get with the program,and sooner rather than later.
I launched my brokerage service UpMarketURLS just 16 months or so ago. I had to wake up and smell the coffee big time. They say "Necessity is the Mother of invention" and they are bang on the money. Seeing my core Business evaporate literally overnight I had a hunch. The top end of the domain market was the place to be,even in a downturn. As I didn’t have the budget to buy into this sector at the time what was the next best thing? The answer was simple ~ Brokerage.
Since we launched our brokerage efforts 16 months ago we have brokered $580 k in domain sales,not bad,but nowhere near where we want to be. Eight months in I hooked up with Tony Adams and boy am I glad I did. He’s an animal, in the very best sense. He approached me via my Domain forum, told me straight that he had very little experience but that wasn’t a problem, for me anyway.Hunger and determination are worth way more in my book, I soon figured he had both in abundance and now I consider him a major asset to my brokerage Business.
Cutting to the chase,as brokers we get bombarded with great names daily.It’s a buyers market (as Andrew Rosener from keeps reminding me) and I’m inclined to agree, generally! BIG end user sales are still out there but they are pretty rare.So if you want to sell in the "here and now" you need to get real and get real quick.
OK so we have made a good few sales but everyone needs to think outside of the box.We need an outlet for our clients domains and I couldn’t help but notice that Bido have been gaining traction of late. I love their platform and I have long noted it’s potential. Having "skyped" with the owners I have to say these guys are in this biz for the long haul.So I’ve put together a featured auction with Bido,consider it an experiment,but I’m intrigued enough to give it a go.

FYI James has a good few of his names in the auction (incl the gem



UpMarketURLS / Bido Premium Domain Auction

~ All auction lots are open NOW for prebids

~ All auctions are live from April 9th and close April 13th and close @ 10 pm EST


Click on the relevant domain to visit the auction link (Virtual Reality!!!)


thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly




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