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This is Your Only Chance to Learn From the World’s Top Direct Marketer Jay Abraham!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
By admin


I am selling a very rare live recording of Jay Abraham’s elite 5-day Million Dollar European Super Summit, held in London in May 1997. Limited to only 28 companies in attendance, who each paid $25,000. This is probably the most in-depth example of hands-on, “make it happen” business strategy building you’ll ever encounter.

This is considered one of the crowning jewels of Jay’s career. It is in mint condition and contains 29 Audio-tapes in two binders … plus a super-rare copy of the original European Super Summit workbook.

This is one of the rarest recordings that Jay has ever issued. The only people ever to gain access to this incredible information were the original attendees, including Sir Clive Woodward (Coach until recently of the current World Champion Rugby team) … I have only ever seen this advertised twice in 4 years, you won’t find it on Jay’s site or anywhere else on the web. This is therefore one of a very small number of sets of this event that even exists.

The Abraham corporation have also removed all selling licenses for this course – so it will not be found on E-Bay – or probably anywhere else on the web now. So unless you contact one of the course participants, this could be your only chance to purchase this course.


N.B. This Million Dollar European Super Summit was $25,000 originally, and Jay estimates that the lowest figure he would normally expect to sell a set of these tapes for would be $9,750 … without the bonuses below.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn:
· Find profit centers you never knew existed
· Write Ad copy like the Pro’s (It’s easier than you think)
· Bury your competition, or use them to your advantage.
· Re-define how you look at your business and open up new markets and profit potentialities.
· Hear in depth business ideas being formulated, and learn the steps in generating these incredible ideas.
· Create an irresistible new business strategy
· A new type of referral system, that produces staggering results.
· How to take your business to the next level
· How to turn interest for your product into sales
· How to effectively communicate your business vision
· How to understand your target audience, their motivations, needs, desires, fears.
· Show the customer the hidden benefits of your products.
· Learn how to become a superb negotiator, how to get into a position of strength and lead the other party where you want them to go.
· How to ask effective questions.
· The best time to sell your business
· How to buy a business for no money.

What exactly was Jay Abraham’s Million Dollar European Super Summit?

The elite “Million Dollar European Super Summit” was considered to be the crowning jewel of Jay’s programs. At this event every facet of each of the 28 participating companies was analyzed. Their marketing strategies were torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. Precise action plans were laid out for two to three years in advance.

With the help of 8 of the greatest minds in marketing today, Jay helped the attendees to create entirely new business models, innovative and exclusive marketing systems, and wildly successful new profit centers. All based on the most advanced applications of Jay’s most powerful strategies, things that most people have never been exposed to in any of Jay’s other programs … and captured on tape forever, so that you can profit from them massively for years to come.

If you’re in the UK you’ll also be interested to learn that Sir Clive Woodward invested $25,000 to attend this very European Super Summit immediately before he was appointed England Rugby Coach … culminating in last year’s famous World Cup Victory, and if you win this bid you’ll hear Sir Clive on numerous occasions throughout the programme … as well as being featured in one of Jay’s famous hotseats.

Jay invited eight of his most highly respected colleagues to join him for the European Super Summit. They included:
Peter Thomson — Regarded as one of the UK’s leading business and personal growth strategists, he started in business in 1972 and built 3 successful companies – selling the last to a public company, after only 5 years trading, for £4.2M enabling him to retire at age 42. Peter then concentrated on sharing his proven methods for business and personal success via audio and video programme, books, seminars and conference speeches.
Scott deMoulin — Considered to be among the top trainers in the field of sales, sales management and human resource training, he honed his skills with Robbins Research and Dale Carnegie. Scott twice received the annual Destiny Leadership Award for sales and training excellence, given only to the number one Anthony Robbins and Associates Franchise in North America. Having trained and coached tens of thousands of people in personal development and sales mastery, Scott is one of the most sought after public speakers and corporate trainers.
Christopher Knight — One of Jay’s Home Study Entrepreneur success stories, Chris was able to apply Jay’s techniques with an aplomb that few others have matched. His record serves as an object lesson in how to do it. While his core business saw its margins shrink to single digits, Chris created new, vastly more profitable enterprises, creating one back-end after another by asking and answering simple questions. From a single retail relationship, Chris was able to create six additional thriving businesses, growing from a modest retail outlet to a major international service provider in several related areas.
MacRae Ross — With 25 years experience in diversified business publishing and marketing from the smallest to the largest businesses internationally, Mac has been directly responsible for devising some of the most successful low-risk/high-return marketing strategies and campaigns ever implemented. He concentrates primarily on high leverage direct response strategies that have sold tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in products and services in diverse fields. Many of his projects have been strategic breakthroughs that have now become more commonplace in marketing. As well as being one of Jay’s principal speakers since 1989, he has also assisted Jay’s companies in developing various seminar and marketing programs and consulted directly with over 1,000 different companies.
Roger Millington — Previously creative director of several major Advertising agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather Direct and Grey Direct. Roger started his own consultancy, Millington’s Direct Marketing, in 1983, and has written several books published in the UK, USA and Japan. Some of his claims to fame include: Creating the first edible mailing; creating the first pictorial bank cheques; as a one-man agency being voted as one of the top 10 direct marketing agencies in a Marketing Week Poll when many agencies with over 100 staff didn’t even get a mention; and at one time Fergie, the Duchess of York, was his secretary!
Barney Zick — An experienced, humorous, “think-on-his-feet,” interactive deal maker and problem solver who Jay used for many years as his negotiating and sales speaker for professionals and small business owners. When you combine an IQ of 180 with education and incredible experience tempered by equal parts of humor and empathy, you get a blend that has made “Barney” Zick a legend and one of the most compelling, knowledgeable and sought after speakers anywhere. When Barney is not doing consulting work for entrepreneurs and small businesses he is CEO and founder of the International Society of Speakers, Authors and Consultants.
Richard Spring — After majoring in marketing at New York Unibversity, Richard began his career as a publicist creating media exposure for the original TGI Friday’s, Danone Yogurt, an ice cream company, huge commercial office building developers and more. He became the youngest vice president of an international public relations firm at 28, responsible for corporate PR for companies like Coca Cola, Philip Morris and others. He started a music recording company in 1980 that won three “Grammy” nominations in its brief history. In 1984 he started marketing collectibles in a joint venture with Jay Abraham, one of several successful joint ventures.
Melanie Wombwell — Specialist in consulting and delivering Customer Service Solutions to major UK and International clients and author of the audio programme, “The Indispensible Guide to Great Customer Service.”

**************** 5 UNIQUE BONUSES ****************

Bonus No.1 — I’m including an original copy of a RARE and highly sought after manual … “Turning Yellow into Gold”

Written by Australia’s top direct response copywriter (whose advertising manuals have been sold by Jay since the mid 1980s, and he also was the person who first introduced Jay to Australia), this sensational 144 page manual is crammed with market-proven ideas that work so that you’ll be able to transform your Yellow Pages Advertising step-by-step into the BEST attention-getting, successful and profitable sales messages you’ve ever created. And you’ll be able to apply these ideas profitably — over and over again — in ALL of your advertising: newspapers, magazines, brochures, direct mail, and sales letters …

You’ll discover how hundreds of other people generated more success than they ever dreamed possible from Yellow Pages … like the financial planning firm that attracted more calls in 7 days than they’d received in the entire previous year … the Tree surgeon who gained an instant 825% increase in calls … the Photographer who changed his tiny advertisement and pulled an incredible 1000% more calls!

Bonus No.2 — I will also include a copy of Jay Abraham’s $1,000 book “Stealth Marketing: How to Outmanoeuvre, Outwit, and Outmarket Your Most Formidable Competitors… Before They Know What’s Hit Them”

This 246 page e-book sells for $1,000-a-copy on Jay’s website, and reveals the actual methods that Jay has personally used to salvage, turn around, save, sky rocket and secure hundreds of client companies and professional practices during the worst economic times in history — the 1974 recession, the 1981-82 recession, the 1989-1992 recession, and right now! This book details the actual steps taken to implement the most lucrative strategies Jay has ever used. It also answers 100 strategy and opportunity questions business owners asked, like how to boost sales force productivity immediately.

You’ll learn stealth marketing tactics like: How to add tons of new customers without running any ads; Twenty-Five Step-by-Step Strategies to Outmarket Your Competitors; how to identify and capitalize on your competitors weaknesses, how to quietly and quickly get into profitable markets virtually risk free; Why Your Competitors Won’t Understand a Single Element of Your Logical Stealth Programming; How to Gain Market Share and Increase Sales Before Your Competitors Know What Hit Them; Developing that All-Important Stealth Marketing Mind-set. . . . . and more!

As you read this book, you’ll learn hundreds of techniques that will give your business stability and growth, a renewable stream of cash flow, and an opportunity to outpace your competition and to position yourself as an industry leader.

Bonus No.3 — You’ll also get the manuscript of a book that has personally made Jay over $12 million

Advertising man Claude Hopkins (1866- 1932) was one of the true pioneering masters of direct response marketing and routinely earned close to $200,000 per year in the 1920’s when $200,000 was a lot of money … not that it’s exactly small change even today!

Hopkins was a master at testing headlines for the best response. He invented the test marketing of ad campaigns doing small, controlled tests with a limited budget to make sure a campaign worked before spending large sums of money. He was also a master (and major proponent) of writing, clear, simple copy that anyone could read. He feared that too-clever copywriting would detract from the only function of advertising — selling!

Hopkins believed that advertising was “Salesmanship” and as such he applied all of the strategies and principles of true salesmanship in his advertisements. He believed in sampling, risk-free trials, money-back guarantees and testing. From Claude Hopkins’ fertile mind came advertising breakthroughs for a legion of now-famous companies that were tiny start-ups before Claude Hopkins got to them — like Pepsodent, Schlitz and Palmolive. He invented the entire concept of pre-emptive advertising and his favourite quote was that no argument in the world can possibly compare to one dramatic demonstration.

One of Jay’s ambitions is to be the 21st Century Claude Hopkins (although I would say that he has already surpassed him) and he maintains that if your library only ever contains one book on advertising, make sure it is this book … he has read it many times and says that it has made him personally over $12 million.

Bonus No. 4 — I’m also including a copy of a direct mail letter written by Gary Halbert that was successfully mailed for over 20 years earning over $300,000,000 (that’s $300 million!).

Bonus No.5 — You’ll also get a copy of the most successful single piece of advertising in the history of the world (This mailing earned over $1 billion in 18 years!).


So Who is Jay Abraham?

… And why in the world would you want to own this 29 audio-tape Million Dollar Super-Summit set and workbook?  Well, at $5,000 per hour, Jay is the highest paid marketing consultant in the world. He became a marketing legend by helping more than 9,700 businesses in over 400 industries to catapult their earnings.

He’s been called “America’s No.1 marketing wizard” because of his outstanding achievements with hundreds of big companies such as Sears, Prudential Bache and Citibank as well as thousands of smaller businesses, individual entrepreneurs and business start-ups.

During his 31 year career in marketing, Jay has developed a portfolio of principles and growth strategies that can be successfully applied in any business or professional practice. His market-proven ideas can help business owners create selling leverage that will impact sales, margins and profits massively.

His biggest secrets concern the use of leverage in any business, how to write great copy that gets results and how to break out of the mind set of everyone else in a business niche.  During one of the worst recessions in recent memory, many of Jay’s clients experienced record profits and remarkably rapid growth in their businesses.

In Jay’s early career his concepts, ideas and techniques took a publishing company from $800,000 a year to $7 million in nine months; an investment firm from a few hundred thousand to over $2 billion in five years; freed up a jewelry company’s $800,000 inventory in three days; and built a famous consumer medications company from almost nothing to over $13 million a year within 18 months.

He now normally only takes on clients who he thinks have the potential to make him at least $500,000 a year and usually receives 25% of the increased profits he produces.

He regularly sells out his marketing seminars in the USA, Australia, Singapore and in the UK where registration fees range from $5,000 to $25,000 per person and attendance is limited. Delegates who attended his two sell-out seminars in the UK in 1975 and 1976 predicted ‘worst-case’ increases in bottom-line profits of a staggering £150 million!

Thanks to the astonishing marketing strategies of Jay Abraham, these business ‘heavyweights’ have generated massive benefits for themselves and their companies.
Anthony Robbins — Personal development ‘guru’ and author benefitted to the tune of £1,000,000 in 3 months from a strategy Jay developed for him to meet a critical business challenge.
Chase Revel — Founder of Entrepreneur Magazine created an unexpected revenue of £1,000,000 from using Jay’s strategies.
Vic Conant — President of Nightingale Conant generated additional profit of $600,000 from a single idea he picked up from pre-attendance material for Jay’s MasterMind Marketing Seminar.
James Cook — President of Investment Rarities received additional income of $15,000,000 as a result of using Jay as a strategic marketing consultant.

Table of contents of Jay Abraham’s Million Dollar European Super Summit Workbook (the 29 audio tapes cover this material in additional detail).

Section One: Strategic Questions
Section Two: Jay Abraham Profile
Section Three: Peter Thomson “Exit Strategies”
Section Four: Scott deMoulin “Customised training, producing memorable results”
Section Five: Christopher Knight “The Great Internet Opportunity”
Section Six: MacRea Ross “The many facets of strategy”
Section Seven: Roger Millington “What the text books don’t tell you about direct marketing”
Section Eight: Barney Zick “The Art of Doing a Deal”
Section Nine: Richard Spring “Hidden Treasures”
Section Ten: Melanie Wombwell “Customer Service … the Winning Edge”
Section Eleven: Notes & Handouts “How to grow your business”
Section Twelve: “PowerPoint” Bullets

Now, by BUYING my copy of this programme, you can gain an array of amazing insights and share the life-time secrets of Jay Abraham and his eight accomplished colleagues as they analyze every facet of the 28 participating companies, and create precise action plans for two to three years in advance. This knowledge will put you and your business so far ahead of your competitors, it will take them years to work out how you did it!

Contents of Jay Abraham’s Million Dollar European Super Summit Audio Tapes:
01 Introduction, Peter Thomson, Jay Abraham, Scott De Moulin
02 Scott De Moulin
03 Hot Seats — Dr Henry Maiken
04 Hot Seats — Steve Podmore
05 Hot Seats — Werner Eichler
06 Hot Seats — Jeffrey Wiseman — Ducal
07 Hot Seats — Chris Knight part 1; Internet talk
08 Hot Seats — Chris Knight part 2; Mac Ross part 1
09 Mac Ross, Part 2
10 Hot Seats — Supercovers
11 Hot Seats — Life Tools; Chris Payne
12 Hot Seats — Auto Chemical Products — Steve Enticknapps
13 Hot Seats — Clive Woodward
14 Roger Millington part 1
15 Roger Millington Part 2
16 Barney Zick Part 1
17 Barney Zick Part 2
18 Hot Seats — Phil Crossley, Lawyer
19 John Tarrant, Computer Consultant, also featuring John Edwards, Spike, Photographer
20 Hot Seats — Rob Winlow, Optometrist
21 Hot Seats — Andrew Buchanan, Michael Black Group — Electronic Wholesalers
22 Richard Spring
23 Peter Thomson
24 Hot Seats — Chris Igee, The Gap — USA phone in
25 Day 5 Hot Seats, Jeffrey Wiseman Ducal Furniture
26 Day 5 Hot Seats, Phil Crossley, Clive woodward, Werner Eichler
27 Day 5 Hot Seats, Supercover, John Tarrant, Rob Winlow, Dr Henry Maiken
28 Day 5 Hot Seats, Andrew Buchanan, Steve Enticknapp, Chris Payne
29 Final Session; Jay and Panel; Farewells etc.

Who should purchase this rare $25,000 Super Summit set?

At $25,000 and limited to 28 participating businesses, this was the most expensive and exclusive business-building seminar of 1997. It was only open to participants of Jay’s previous $5,000 seminars. Participants had to be over-achievers who were unafraid of innovation or unconventional business thinking and who were prepared for a minimum 10-fold growth in their business profits. This tape set is NOT intended for those who are new to Jay’s concepts. This is an ADVANCED course.

If you are not familiar with Jay’s basic ideas please do not bid on this tape set unless you are willing to make extra effort to understand what is discussed. Because this is one of Jay’s advanced super summit Jay includes numerous extremely in depth “hot seats” — each one where Jay and his colleagues brainstorm some of the toughest problems in business and how to apply Jay’s genius to a host of businesses.
N.B. This set, as stated above, is in mint condition other than some yellowing of the moulded plastic binders. I have noticed that this always happens when these binders are exposed to sunlight.

The price I’m asking is $850 ONO, this does not include postage and packaging.

It might seem quite high, but as I stated above this course is so incredibly rare it will most likely be your only chance to purchase it and it will help you take your business to the next level.


Please e-mail me on:  - It will be sold on a first come basis.


  1. by Troy |  March 25, 2009, 4:27 pm  

    Who writes your landing pages=)

  2. by admin |  March 25, 2009, 5:56 pm  

    Troy - i do pretty much all of the writing - quite a bit of cheese on the above piece - but the course really is good.

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