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Tips on buying a great domain name

Thursday, May 15, 2008
By admin

Tips on buying a great domain name

Shakespeare famously wrote: “What’s in the name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Not really. Not if you are talking domain names

In the world of internet domains, it is all-important name that separates the winner from the loser, the valuable from the worthless.

Whether you are a business owner or domainer, picking up the right domain, is very important.

So how do you pick a winning domain name?

General Pointers:

Generally, a good domain name. is short and memorable. which not only makes it easier brandable and suitable for logos, but also a magnet for type-in traffic.

The more generic the name, the easier it is to fit into an industry, thus increasing its development potential.

If it already has proven traffic through search engines or type-ins, the domain name becomes more valuable (type in traffic has been proven to convert up to 80% more visitors than search engine traffic.)

A good extension like .com can’t be beaten, but the other main extensions: .Net, .Org, .Info & .Biz still have the credibility and can in some cases be favoured by the search engines.

Good domain named are not easily mis-spelled or confused, which prevents traffic diversion.

Pointers for domainers:

Domainers should always look at the age of a site if they plan to earn cash from the domain name or develop it before sale: older sites are given priority by search engines.

If as a domainer you come across a domain name you want due to its hidden development potential, the prime concerns are:

- its alexa rankings,

- possible revenue generated,

- google adsense history

- scripts running on the site, and

- the copyright on the site content.

A casual inquiry to the existing owner might elicit a response, and a negotiation can be started with a low offer, which can be increased if and when required to an amount you are ready to pay.

Pointers for business owners:

But if you are a business owner you might be looking for specific names related to your niche, within given time limits and budget dictated by the business. Here, the approach could be quite different.

Apart from the general pointers discussed, the prime concerns are:

- background of the domain seller

- info on site traffic which could be determine value to the seller., so check if the site has failed business or bad reputation.

The current domain could be approach with a casual inquiry through an email unattached to the main business in order to keep the price low, and to retain the option making a formal offer from the company later if required.

Alternatively, you can make the current owner attractive offer valid within a particular deadline, which could be god enough for the current owner to consider the deal. In such cases, the mention of other available options could help get a positive response.

In conclusion, whether you are a domainer or a business owner, if you want a good domain name, the key are research and organization.

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