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Where are you getting your News from? This is Dramatically Effecting your Business!

Thursday, January 21, 2010
By admin

Most of us are pretty lazy creatures. We’re content to be spoon fed our news by the major networks and tabloids. The problem with this is that there is rarely any valuable news here – especially for investors and businessmen.
The reason for this is that the news has been regurgitated Many times, is known by everyone and is quite often politically motivated.

Most smart Entrepreneurs and investors know that if they want good actionable information they have to get it before it becomes news from reliable sources that are either on the ground in the relevant area or who have contacts that are aware of the real situation and the developments that are taking place.

This brings me on to a new Free Daily Intelligence Newsletter has just been released from Market Intelligence Report  that focuses on providing it’s subscribers with news that was previously only available to Senior Government Officials and Intelligence Agencies.
The aim of the service is to “Bring you tomorrows news today!” And focuses on giving it’s readers a greater understanding of world events and “big picture” geopolitical analysis to enable them to spot trends, events and risks in the marketplace.

The analysis in the newsletter is not offered by traditional news outlets and data providers.

The newsletter is essential reading for All Investors, Research Departments, News Consumers and Geopolitical Junkies.
The following link has much more information on this Free “Real” News service:

For examples of the kind of news you can expect to receive please visit the below links:

The US Finds it’s Superpower Structure and Capital are Insufficient to Cope with a Transformed World

Iran to Surge to a Hedgemonic Position in the Middle East without a Major War

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