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Where do You Sell Your Domains? Time to Start Thinking Outside the Box!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
By admin


I created Namecake so I could get more exposure for my domains. The site is becoming more and more popular and is starting to get some good results in the search engines. But this is not the only outlet I rely on to sell my names.

The market is pretty tough at present and each and every one of us needs as much exposure as possible. So apart from the usual marketplaces it’s essential we think outside the box if we are to generate the sales we need.

So lets go through a small list of possible places to sell our names:


Forums (not domain) – Lets just say I want to sell and

I would register with solar-energy / alternative energy forums and start posting there. Advertise the name for sale, have it as part of my signature and write to other members who I feel would be interested., I would do exactly the same but for technology forums.


Contacting end users – Yes this is difficult and involves a lot of legwork, but if you want to get that big sale then you have to work for it.

Finding potential buyers isn’t as arduous as it may seem. Enter your word or phrase in Google and see who comes up under the paid advertisers – make a note of these. Then go to the second/third/fourth pages and make a not of these companies (a targeted domain could help them rise up the SERPS). Contact companies with different extensions, look in the yellow pages. Finding potential customers isn’t difficult, but stepping outside your comfort zone is. I remember the first sales call I made, the pitch was awful and they weren’t interested, but it got much easier after that. The real skill isn’t what you say here – but in finding the right person!


Advertising in your local papers – the free section. I’ve done this and to be honest I haven’t sold anything, but I’ve had a few responses to the Domain names wanted posts (they weren’t very good though.) – You might have more luck than me.


Contact your local chamber of commerce or small business advisory group to be in their newsletter or to attend their networking events.


These are just a few of the additional ways you could be marketing your names. There are many many others, it’s just a matter of getting off your backside and doing it.

Still if you’re having luck with the standard routes certainly stick with them as Sedo has surprisingly been delivering for me of late.


I’ll be interested in hearing some of the additional way you have been marketing your names.




  1. by Dave |  March 11, 2009, 3:47 pm  

    I’m not a domainer, just interested in domains. However, I have thought about this.
    -One interesting place is amateurish but gives some weak signal of enthusiasm with a domain is Ebay. For a small fee of about $1, one can list the domain for say $50 (to nearly guarantee it won’t sell) and see how many hits it gets (and sometimes, it may actually sell).
    -Google AdWords is an interesting option I have never seen anybody use. With long tail keywords, you can find potential end users as inexpensive as $0.05 for a targeted click.
    Just a couple thoughts.

  2. by mani |  March 11, 2009, 3:49 pm  


    I have more than 15 domain names and was thinking of a way to sell them on internet and make some money. I was researching on how to do this and then found your article. Thanks this just ignited my mind and now I have just come up with one more way to sell the domain name…perhaps this may work….

    Have a page dedicated to domain selling on your own blog/website. List out all the domains you have with relevant keywords and inquiry links. Will this work? I am not sure but Yes, I am going to do this on my website!!

    Thanks a lot for your insight into domain selling this has really boosted my confidence and I will go ahead on selling my domain names that are of no use to me right now and my investment is parked there without any return.


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