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Who Says There’s No Money In Domains Anymore?

Thursday, June 9, 2011
By admin


I read with interest Rick Latona’s recent post which stated more or less that he’s had it with domains and is investing in other areas. His main reasoning was "It is our opinion that the market won’t recover any time soon, if it recovers at all. We feel that domains just aren’t worth that much anymore and the only way to sell one for a significant amount is to get a little lucky"

I wish Rick luck with all his new ventures but let’s look at this statement again more closely. The domain aftersales market continues to thrive, sure folks aren’t throwing money around quite as crazily as they did just a few years ago but believe me there is still massive demand for the right domains.

The middle and lower end domain markets are definitely struggling to some degree but there still seem to be plenty of sales in the aftermarket for domains in the $2 k to $10 k range, the top end market is doing just fine in my opinion. As long as there are browsers that require domain names to take Internet users to companies websites there will always be a market for the best of domain names. That market will dip, it will rise and it will dip again ad infinitum but the prestige and Business benefits that come with true premiums will always remain, and there will always be buyers who "totally get that" 

My own domain brokerage firm is currently awaiting 3 domain sales to clear in escrow (all 3 have had buyers send payments but are awaiting transfers to be completed) These three deals amount to $170k, $80k and $42.5k. All in all an exceptional week for us. Hopefully we can inform Ron of all of these sales.

In fact we at UpMarketDNs haven’t made any big sales announcements for a number of months. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been brokering as all our previous 5 big sales were subject to N.D.a’s

Ask my good friend Andrew Rosener from MediaOptions if there is no longer any money in domains, he’s having an amazing year, ask Mike Mann, ask Michael Berkens, they’ll all say the same thing, I imagine "Business is booming!". A colleague of mine - who I won’t mention as he likes to fly under the radar - has with his biz partner just spent $500 k on a portfolio of 1000 domains. Within two weeks he’s got almost 50% of his investment back and only sold a fraction of those 1000 names. There’s always money to be made in domaining. 


A few updates for you.


Months ago we announced that itself is due a major overhaul, that’s very much still on track but majorly delayed.

The brokerage service is now officially running as We now have UpMarketDNs as our main focal point for our online presence. It’s long overdue and many thanks to Nick Hoffmann and his crew for designing and setting up that site for us. Nick is a great guy and he and his partners have a BIG domain related project in the works which will run on, I wish him and his team all the best and I’m sure they will make Auzzy a BIG hit. If you need any design work drop Nick an email I’m not an affiliate I just like to help out folks who do a good job as it saves everyone a lot of grief.

UpMarketDNs is running a featured GEO auction on Bido which will be live June 18th - 22nd. Inventory includes such gems as ~ ~ ~ and some very interesting GEO hacks such as and  To see more or to prebid on any of these geos please visit


thanks for reading,

Andy Kelly

C.O.O Namecake

C.E.O UpMarketDNs


  1. by Scott Alliy |  June 9, 2011, 2:09 pm  

    “Business is never good or bad out there, Business is always good or bad right between your ears”

    Zig Ziglar

    We just created a domain name partnership program for entrepreneurs as another way of positioning our valued domain names as assets vs. end user sales

    “There’s a way to do it better - find it”

    Thomas Edison

  2. by JPT |  June 9, 2011, 2:43 pm  

    Latona must be on crack

    Of all of his publicized and hyped ventures this new one seems the most unlikely to succeed

  3. by Ted |  June 9, 2011, 5:53 pm  

    The industry as a whole needs to banish Latonas, nothing more than a pawn broker, who will tell his cracked out customers anything to sell their goods for next to nothing, never really liked him, and never seems to stick around long, he and frager should get together, one big ignore button….

  4. by Hal Meyer |  June 9, 2011, 6:55 pm  

    Entrepreneurs naturally fine tune their businesses and move from one business to another business, as the market dictates and as needed. However, Rick seems to have a more chronic case of entrepreneurial ADHD than most..

  5. by Dave Bhatia |  June 11, 2011, 10:35 pm  

    I am a Domainer since 1998. This is my best year ever. Latona is speaking for himself. His views do not represent views or experiences of majority of Domainers.

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